Cato June named Anacostia Head Football Coach

1/19/2012 1:33:29 AM
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News out of DCIAA (remember that league?) is that former Michigan and Indy Colts star Cato June is going to be the head football coach at Anacostia.  Best of luck to him.  Loved it when he was at UM and I think this is a big step up for that program.  All it can take in the unlimited transfer DCIAA is a charismatic coach -- and this one has won a Superbowl.

How many years until Anacostia returns to Turkey Bowl?  Or am I getting ahead?

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There is a lot of talent walking around that school.  It would be a heck of an accomplishment if he can get them onto the field.  If he does get the kids out and wins 5 games after two seasons he should be coach of the year.

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I hope he knows what he's getting into....

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Well that where he played in H.D.and that where he grew up. I admire that he is willing to take it on!

When I lived in Indy I loved him as a Colt!

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I think that is an awesome move for Cato June.  I think he may one of the few people who will be able to take that program and change the culture and bring it to a level of a DC powerhouse.  That's great news.  Good luck to Cato

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I agree but the thing is, all it takes is a spark.  If he gets a few kids to kick it up in the classroom, get eligible, who knows?  Plus there is the whole transfer issue.  Kids can transfer schools in the DCIAA pretty easily.

Who knows?  All I know is that he won a Superbowl.  If you're a kid and have any desire, any heart whatsoever -- you're going to listen to that.  Plus, he went to Anacostia -- and trust me, the Ward wasn't economically better back in 1996.

I just think it will be interesting.

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