Kevin Hogan seeing signficant playing time at Stanford

11/6/2012 7:45:00 PM
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Kevin Hogan - Class of 2011 Gonzaga - has stepped into the quarterback position at Stanford.  Pride to Gonzaga, WCAC!  Congrats Kevin - well done!!!

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Thats great news !! Good Job Kevin !! 

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Great job. Did not think he would play this early but I was wrong.  Represent the DMV Kevin!

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Great job Kevin, way to fight up that depth chart to #1.  WCAC is really representing around the College football world this year.

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Kevin is the best QB to ever play in the WCAC. I believe DM former qb coach Chris Baucia trained Kevin.

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Please the thread is about Kevin Hogan. Stanford has a pretty good QB history. Does that name have to pop up in every thread. I think I saw Diane Sawyer bring it up during the election returns. Please Enough already.

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Funny the Quarterback Coach at Stanford right now might deserve a little credit, too...

Pepper Johnson was a All-MEAC stand out at Howard University, and quietly one of the boys.  He makes the old house on Harvard Street proud.

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A great preview of Kevin Hogan's first ever start this weekend:

It should be a hell of a game!

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He is not the best Qb to play in the WCAC.  He has a average arm, if anyone actually watches the game.  I would know because I played against him in high school.  Its the same offense he ran at Gonzaga mostly.  10-15 yard throws since he doesnt have a big arm.  Hes not the only WCAC QB to play D1 people.

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Yeah, hadn't you guys heard? WCAC Quarterbacks beat Oregon and lead their teams into the BCS Top 10 like every weekend or something like that. It's no biggie.

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