New SJC Lax Coach

3/22/2017 4:33:23 PM
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It's pretty obvious that I am no fan of SJC athletics, but so far the results for former Gettysburg College Asst. Coach Wes Speaks are promising. He walked into a tough situation following the debacle that was Trig, had two tough non-conference games to start the season, and currently sits at 3-1 with their only "cakewalk" game coming against a DJO program whose season appears to be heading down the drain. The schedule doesn't get any easier as they face a decent MIAA program in Spalding, a DeMatha team whose only loss was clearly a result of playing down to the level of the their opponent, what appears to be a very good PVI team, and Landon in the next few weeks. But so far, so good for Speaks. 

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Good for him. It would be nice to have more than 2 teams in the WCAC for a change that can do work. I doubt that will happen though. Unfortunately for SJC, certain posters who support the school on here consider lacrosse to be worthless as it is a "country club sport." No code language there...

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Overall good points :)

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