DCSAA Baseball Tournament

5/19/2017 4:12:51 PM
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Quarterfinal info:

Gonzaga beat Sidwell 8-1.

School Without Walls beat St. Anselms 1-0.

St. Albans beat Model 7-2.

Wilson vs. Maret - game at St. Albans tomorrow, Saturday 5/20/17, first pitch 10am.  Winner faces STA at 1pm.


Semifinal info:

Gonzaga will face School Without Walls tomorrow at Nats Academy, first pitch 1pm.

St. Albans will face the winner of Wilson/SWW at STA, first pitch 1pm.



Sunday at Nationals Park, first pitch 530pm.

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I probably missed it, but why didn't STJ play in the DCSAA?

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