Rumor: Carroll cancels tonight's football game at Bullis

9/1/2017 2:03:50 PM
9/1/2017 2:03:50 PM Report Abuse

I am hearing that Carroll has cancelled tonight's football game at Bullis, which was scheduled to kick off at 7pm.

Bullis has been told Carroll has cancelled all athletic activities.

Is anyone else hearing this?


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9/1/2017 2:07:57 PM Report Abuse

Apparently it's no rumor, banner on Carroll's school website confirms cancellation.

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9/1/2017 6:46:28 PM Report Abuse

Varsity game is back on for tomorrow:

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9/4/2017 9:53:43 AM Report Abuse

Carroll as a school needs to figure out what they are going to do. Rather than just slowly crumble. 

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