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9/1/2017 3:34:24 PM
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Thoughts on this? Reminds me of my fantasy football automated emails about what happens each week. 

The Washington Post is expanding its use of Heliograf, its in-house automated storytelling technology, enabling The Post to cover all Washington, D.C.-area high school football games every week.

“Heliograf is creating a new model for hyperlocal coverage,” said Jeremy Gilbert, The Post’s director of strategic initiatives. “In the past, it would not have been possible for The Post to staff more than a handful of the most significant games each week. Now, we’ll be able to cover any game that we have data for, giving the teams and fans near-instant coverage to read and share.”

Each game story will draw from scoring plays, individual player statistics and quarterly score changes, along with The Post’s own weekly Top 20 regional rankings. The stories will be automatically updated each week using box-score data submitted by high school football coaches, and shared on The Post’s Twitter account for high school sports: @WashPostHS.  

“Technology like Heliograf can be transformative for a newsroom, greatly expanding the breadth of coverage and allowing journalists to focus more on in-depth reporting,” said Scot Gillespie, Chief Technology Officer at The Post. “This thinking permeates across all of the products that are part of Arc Publishing, ensuring the tools we build will help newsrooms be more productive, tell more stories and reach a broader audience.”

The Post has plans to add Heliograf-written stories about individual players and teams as the season goes on and will use the technology to cover even more sports in 2018. 

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Looks like most of the games from the weekend only have half the scores so only 1 team is being reported on. I guess it's better than nothing, but the Post should really try and get both teams covered if they are going to do this. Or not just rely on the schools to call stats in. 

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As long as these robots don't evolve into a Skynet-esque artificial intelligence system that will spark a nuclear holocaust I'm pretty ok with it. There is no talk of that happening, right?

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Actually, there is. But as long as DCSportsFan survives, it will be ok.

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Maxpreps used to do something similiar...

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