Great 8 Power Rankings!!!!

9/7/2017 8:46:56 AM
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1.DeMatha- You come for the King...You best not miss!!  Despite loss to Gorman, the Stags are still King of DMV until a local team knocks them off.  I'm not sold on their QB position and losing Lloyd hurts, but they are talented at WR.  Secondary is suspect as well.

2. Damascus-Have to go with them at 2 here.  Great offensive line, great running back.  Sound football team. Should win state again. 

3. Spalding-One of the best offensive lines I have seen. They are all in sync and has a sound running game.  The down side, is their QB can't beat you throwing the football, so if you can stop the run, you stop Spalding.

4. Wise- Superior team in a weak P.G. County league.  However, they win and win BIG!  Curious to see how they would stack up against DeMatha or SJC?  Set it up!

5.  Friendship Collegiate- Loaded on both sides of the ball and very deep.  Physical team that could dethrone DeMatha and be King of DMV.

6. St. John's- Not sold on their "Movement" with influx of transfers over the past two years, but was impressed with the came against DeLaSalle.  Not sure how they keep blowing double digit leads (DeMatha in WCAC ship game), but their offense is potent. 

7. Episcopal-Very fast defense with elite speed on the front four.  Should take IAC crown this season. 

8.  Hayfield- Hawks get it done on offense.  Very explosive, but can the defense hold up when they face other elite competiton? 


Other notes...

Recent article in Washington Post states that Damascus and Wise could possibly play with WCAC or other private schools.  Not ready to pass that torch just yet.  It comes down to depth and the question is can Wise or Damascus 2's play with the likes of SJC or DeMatha's 2's?  How would Wise or Damascus fare playing against IMG? Gorman? Mater Dei? etc.  Can't knock Wise or Damascus for their schedule and who they have to play, but clearly their level of competition is inferior to the likes of private schools. 

Ryken...2-0. The Brady Era is off to a good start in Southern MD...stay tuned.

McNamara...0-2...two bad losses with a must win game against McDonogh this weekend...make it 0-3.. Stangs could be facing a 1-9 season as after McDonogh, its Bishop Sullivan and then Gonzaga...

Speaking of Gonzaga...was the 21-6 loss to Viera a fluke? Can the Eagles really ride a freshman QB the entire season?  Will the running game be anything like it was the past three seasons? 

Keep an eye on Riverdale Baptist sophomore gun slinger, Jalen Lea.  Won his first two games albeit against Ballou and McNamara, but he has a bright future. 

Keep an eye on Flint Hill's Jordan Houston.  Explosive RB that is a legit 4.3 speed with offers from Tennessee, Penn State, ODU, Virginia Tech.  Playing in a weak conference may cause concerns about "is he really legit," but talent is talent. 

What's the deal with National Christian...2-0?  Who would have saw that coming?

Last question...but the old sport cliche's... If there are two teams that are deemed "the teams nobody wants to play," have to play each you play the game?







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