DCIAA Standings

10/24/2017 10:28:38 AM
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Let us know if you see any mistakes. It can be hard to accurately report DCIAA scores/standings. Looks like each team plays 1 league oppent twice. Do both count as league games?

Team Overall PF PA League PF PA
H.D. Woodson 6-2 242 115 4-0 130 27
Ballou 5-3 219 91 2-1 72 34
Wilson 4-4 213 142 2-2 99 45
Eastern 3-5 154 271 2-2 74 110
Dunbar 2-6 108 225 1-3 46 114
Anacostia 1-7 72 314 0-3 28 119
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And the DCIAA Stripes league:

Theodore Roosevelt6-21861224-012028
Bell High School Football (Washington, DC)5-32701483-113845
McKinley Tech4-41721543-112524
Phelps High School Football1-71002851-374127
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Both of these divisions are wrapped up. Unfortunately the best playoff game will likely be Ballou and Wilson rematch. Both the Turkey and Gravy bowls will be blowout wins for Roos and HD. Doesn't Roos have to move to the stars next year? Next year should be more competitive 'cause HD loses a lot of talent. I know HD has plenty of guys waiting but perhaps Ballou and Wilson can close the gap next year.  

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Interesting to see who comes out of the other leagues to play in the lower division of states.

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yep.....Im looking forward to the Friendship and HD rematch that should happen.

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