Football Scholarships

10/24/2017 2:15:00 PM
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How different would a kid be if colleges couldn't offer him a scholarship until his finally game? Like they could express interest but not offer them a scholarship. It seems a lot of kids check out once they get their offers.

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I want to believe that kids work harder after they receive interest because they want the school to know that they're a great player. If kids checked out after offers the offering school would fall off the radar as well, right? That's just my assumption.

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I would tend to disagree with this as the vast majority of offers are "verbal" offers and are in no way binding and a lot of times meaningless. until you get that official letter in the mail with the offer of a football scholarship all you have is a saleman word......which a lot of times isnt good. I think most kids understand this and continue to ball out.......

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