Best WCAC Basketball Team (All-Time)

11/3/2017 12:07:33 PM
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I'm going to Gonzaga tonight to see the 1996-1997 basketball team get inducted into the school's Hall of Fame. I remember seeing those guys run through the WCAC back then, led by Alvin Brown (Xavier). He was a great player, but that was just a great team. Should be a cool night. 

Anyway, what are some of the top "Teams" the league has seen over the years? We get hung up on players here so I wanted to change it up a bit. 

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PVI’s ’12 team was special. Went undefeated in conference play. Lost to Oak Hill, St. Ray’s NYC and DM at the Alahambra. They caught fire in the WCAC tournament. 

Gonzaga ‘17 was a good one recently. 

DeMatha has a nice run a few years ago with all those NBA players. Quinn Cook, Victor Oladipo, Jerian Grant, and Jerami Grant. 

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That 2012 team had quality players in Tilman Dunbar, Coleman Johnson, Stanford Robinson, and Patrick Holloway. Part of the reason they were so good is because those players had all been playing together 3-4 years and really knew how to play together. They were the first WCAC team to go undefeated in WCAC play since dematha did it 50 years before if I remember correctly. I would argue that the 2014 team was better as far as pure talent. That team was loaded, Josh Reeves, Marcus Derrickson, Quadree Smith, Curtis "Cujo" Jones (dealt with some back injuries during the season), Tyler Scanlon, Evan Taylor, Kevin Dorsey, Frank Howard (He was out with an ACL tear all season though), Chyree Walker and Corey Manigault. They were referred to as basketballs Noah's Ark because they had 2 of everythong and there was not a big drop off when subs went in.

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Maybe it's unfair, but I think the best teams are often the ones without NBA/NCAA stars.  1997 Gonzaga is a solid example as you point out with Al Brown, Al Elliott and company (that was the year Pallotti tried to rent a WCAC title with Dada Morris and Nate Green  "randomly" wanting to come play for Mike Glick). Another example is 1990-91 DeMatha who is one of the greatest ever as they went undefeated and were a top 5 team in the nation despite having Duane Simpkims, Vauhgn Jones, Mike jones and co. who were all great high school hoopsters but far from professional basketball studs.

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The 2008 Gonzaga team (Max Kenyi, Cameron Johson, Ian Hummer, Tyler Thornton) was great to watch. They went 34-1 and won the WCAC, City Title and Alhabmra. 

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Gotta be one of Morgan Wootten's team's I imagine. 

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   It is very hard to compare teams across years and decades as the game has changed so much over time.   However, two teams not mentioned here so far could match up with any five on any team since the WCAC/Catholic League has been in existence.

Archbishop Carroll won an all-time area best 55 straight over two seasons in 1959-60. The record still stands after all these years.   No one has really approached it.  The team had two starters 6'10 or taller, two lights out shooters, and a smart point guard.   John Thompson was the 4th best player on the team.   

You can pick from either of two Morgan Wootten's juggernauts led by either Adrian Dantley or from the Billy Langloh teams.   They were brilliantly constructed teams that seemed to always come through in the clutch and never beat themselves. 

Dantley on the high school level was a man playing with boys.  Langloh was very good, and somehow underrated at the same time.  However, the best pure shooter, and probably the best player,  this league has ever produced was Austin Carr of Mackin.   With a three point line today, he would literally average 50 ppg.  Anyone who ever saw him shoot was always surprised when he missed.   

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Austin Carr was ridiclously good. NCAA tournament records, 1st player picked in NBA draft. DeMatha 72-73 was unbelievable team. Beat a lot of top teams from around the country but did get upset by Dunbar of Baltimore. Not tall but top 6 were all D-1 including 1st team All American in Dantley. 78 Dematha team was 10 deep and # 1 in the country. 84 team was fun to watch.

Probably the most fun player to watch was Jo Jo Hunter of Mackin who had ridiculous hops. Saw him put on an absolute show plenty of times.

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Good call on Jo Jo Hunter. He was a showman and excellent. I thought he was can't miss in college, but ... 

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I am very late in posting this:  I have passionately followed DM basketball since the early 1960’s.  This includes both Power Memorial games at Cole, Dantley vs Wise and the end of DM’s 43 game winning streak at the Baltimore Civic Centrr, ‘84 Danny Ferry and Carlton Valentine over Mater Dei at Takoma Academy and DM with Bogans and Forte losing to Anderson, IN at the MCI center.  All of these were with DM #1 at game time.

And more than 500 other games in person over the 55+ years.

1965 DeMatha is the best high school team of all time.  If anyone, anywhere.  Yes, they beat Kareem and ended the 70+ game winning streak that they almost won the year before.  But consider this:

All five starting players on that team were first team All Met either in ‘65 or ‘66.

Three of those went on to play in the NBA.  

DeMatha did lose one game that year-to the University of MD freshman team.  But they were Morgan’s best and DeMatha’s best.

And America’s best.




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