HS Football Playoff time

11/8/2017 9:32:04 AM
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Semifinals this weekend:

Gonzaga @ Good Counsel, Friday 11/10 at 7pm

DeMatha @ St. John's, Saturday 11/11 at 1pm

Final, Saturday 11/18 at University of Maryland.


Who ya got in the semi's?

I'll go with a St. John's vs. Good Counsel final.


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I agree with the St. John's vs Good Counsel Championship.  I have St. John's winning it all this year

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WCAC Playoffs always unpredictable ,,,,,

I'm going with a DeMatha upset of SJC. Although I only see this as an upset because of the seedings.  Both teams are very evenly matched in my opinion.  DM always seems to be a different team in Noovember.  Prostates getting tight over on Military Rd. as a result of all the expectations placed on that coaching staff.  Whoever makes the fewest mistakes wins this game.  Emotions will be high for certain.  This one gonna be a war.  Give me DM.


Good Counsel over Gonzaga in a battle.  GC coaching staff led by Coach Stephanelli has done a masterful job with this team.  Steph is easily the coach of the year not just in the WCAC but the entire DMV in my opinion.  The lose of the RB Labby (spelling) for Gonzaga will be too much to overcome I feel.   Give me GC.


DeMatha vs GC ,,,,,, AGAIN for the title.   DeMatha wins #5 in another DM v GC classic.  


Let the debate begin. 

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Is the Gonzaga vs Good Counsel game being live streamed?

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11/13/2017 12:35:01 PM Report Abuse

Does anyone believe that SJC will actually loose to GZ next Saturday?  Can they actually implode a second time in a row?  Can GZ out play SJC next Saturday? 

I personally believe in SJC and they will finish strong next week. 


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