Super Bowl Kneeling

1/30/2018 2:47:03 AM
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It's bound to happen. Anyway, what is your opinion on the subject?  Are the players justified - or are they just being spoiled punks, as Fox News seems to say?

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I feel like they're entitled to do what they want, until the NFL says they can't do it. Obviously its an option for the players to either stand or sit during the national anthem, and they are deciding on an individual basis. 


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2/2/2018 7:56:01 AM Report Abuse

In my Opinion, what they did is very disrespectfull to the very people who fought and died for that flag. I mean, the flag has nothing to do on whatever their sentiments are. If they want to protest their sentimence, they should have gone infornt of a government stablishment then protest your sentimence their.

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I feel their sentiments I know that they want to fight for something but National Anthem is not the right venue for protests. We should always pay respect when singing the National Anthem we can't just change rules easily on what has been doing for years. But I know they're not doing that because of being disrespectful rather they want to be heard and get people's attention.

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TSFN 30679
2/12/2018 9:00:26 PM Report Abuse

They're totally justified and can do whatever they want. If anything it's just funny how many people become so overly sensitive to the whole thing and try to claim that they are disrespecting the military when the military has nothing to do with the reasons why they are kneeling.

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