Is football a dangerous sport?

1/30/2018 3:02:11 AM
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Some say it causes major brain damage. Nonetheless, other sports have many opportunities for the same thing.  For instance, basketball is "no touch", but major collisions can happen - maybe even deadly.  However, though, it's sort of beside the point as we are discussing specifically if football is dangerous and how to lessen the danger.

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American Football might be a contact sport but I don't think it's a dangerous sport. Even though American football is a full contact sport, still all of it's players is well protected with helmets and guards. The worst thing that could happen to a American football player is to get a broken bone. Compare to other lethal sports like boxing, gymnastics, cave scuba diving, based jumping, cycling and even horse back riding were athletes can actually die.

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I think if you compare it to other sports, then yes football is a dangerous sport. Injuries can and do happen to anyone playing any sport, but long term I think football is the worst sport as far as brain injuries go especially. 


I played football and baseball in high school. I never got hurt in baseball, but I definitely got hurt in football. Football is a contact sport. You are on the field running as fast as you can, trying to tackle other players. 


But, that's just a risk you take playing sports. And for most people, the reward of playing sports outweight the risk of injuries.

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All contact sports I would say poses a risk to injury. Even with those pads and guards and everything, being hit full blast still would be painful. If you have experienced being tackled and hit right at the solar plexus, then I guess you'd have an idea of what Im talking about. The last thing in your mind is saving face. Worry about the throwing up first hahaha!yell

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I think in every sport there's danger. Sometimes you can't really avoid having injuries especially if the sports require physical contact. I think for me football is one of the most dangerous sports in the world because watching them playing football I'm kind of feeling the pain when someone took down the field and worrying their bones might crack up. But I know those professional players are well prepared to play in the field with full gears but sometimes you can't really avoid having injuries. Well, it's sports no pain no gain. sealed

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I see every sport has its own danger. Can't say anything in advance. Sometimes unintended incidents can cause serious injury that can lead to death



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