What happen to baby Jordan?

2/6/2018 10:06:21 AM
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After Micheal Jordan left the NBA, many of us always ask the quesiton who will be the next Micheal Jordan? For the past 20 years many players have come to take that challenge of becoming the next Micheal Jordan or even better than Micheal Jordan. But is this one particular NBA player that stands out, his named is Harold Miner a.k.a baby Jordan. He was once known the best dunker of the 90's and that's how he was nicknamed baby Jordan. Afte all the bizz and buzz about him, he just suddenly vanish and everytime I search for about his where abouts I cannot find anything. So what do you think really happen to baby Jordan?

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I don't think we should really blame these players for they are humans and can have dip in form. Baby Jordan is one of those players that started brightly and its quite unfortunate that he is nowhere to be found at the moment. I guess with time, he is going to pick form and bounce back for I've also missed his displays for so long. 

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Harold Miner is already retired and lasted his NBA career for only four years. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to shine in NBA despite being a 2-time championship in Slam Dunk Contest. His playing time was very short though he traded in different teams still he didn't prove himself to be the next Michael Jordan.


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