Micheal Jordan best dunk

2/6/2018 11:29:44 AM
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As what we know Micheal Jordan is the best dunker during his NBA carreer and earned the nickname his airness. Jordan have won two NBA dunking contest award and the most memorable dunk he made was the free throw line dunk. What was the most memorable dunk of Micheal Jordan for you?

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Yes indeed Michael Jordan has the best dunks on the history and I can't forget him. No one can do what He's done. here's the video of proof. 



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Why just one? I like #2 on this list and Im a Knicks fan.

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Michael Jordan has lots of best slam dunks but my favorite when he was walking in the air from the free throw line. It's his signature dunk moves.

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My favorite Micheal Jordan dunk was his iconinc free throw line dunk. Even though Julius "Dr. J" Erving was the first on who attempted dunking in the free thorw line, for me Micheal Jordan did it better.





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TSFN 30694
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when im a child my favorite team in NBA was chicago Bulls because of michael jorda.the best dunk that i remember when he dunk i the face of motumbo and after he dunk he make NO NO NO in the face of motumbo..lol..that was epic!

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A lot of dunks from MJ but the most memorable and I really won't forget is his dunk over Dikembe Mutombo. Not only it was over him but the history of it. I think it was an all-star week when they are preparing and Jordan said to Mutombo that "I will get you one day" then the day happened. There are the elements of the trash talk, the dunk and the Finger.

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