Fans Booing Lebron

2/11/2018 10:28:46 PM
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It must so embaracing for him hearing some fans booing him. I don't know why some NBA fans don't like Lebron, I mean his a great player and he has made his mark on the NBA. What factor do you think he need to make NBA fans like him more?

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I think it's pretty normal to get booed sometimes especially when they're not playing in their hometown. Yes, it's true that James Lebron got booed a lot because fans would often tell that they find Lebron boastful when he's playing basketball but for me, he's not really boastful he seems underdog it's just he has a strong personality when he's playing inside the court. Maybe fans also booing Lebron to get intimated so it could affect his focus on the game it's just a strategy to get their hometown to win the games. Lebron James has lots of fan around the world so I don't think it would affect him much.


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It is so sad to see that fans of a basketball team will have the guts to boo a great player like James considering what he has done so far since he joined the team. There are things that I wouldn't do as a fan even, if I support the rival team that he plays and that is to boo him. There is no reason to do such to a player that we know that after Michael Jordan, he is the next player to have contributed so much to the NBA and the basketball as a sports World wide giving some lads hope that they can make it to the top.

I hope the fans involved can understand this and choose to applaud instead of criticizing him during games for he has contributed enough to the game of Basketball in America. 

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TSFN 30679
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I think it just becomes fun to hate successful players. He has a lot of name recognition and when he's out of town he's probably going to be the first to get booed. Even some fans tend to get a little 'tired' of the more famous players and will question their legitimacy. Also, trying to damage his morale before a game is always a good tactic. I'm sure he doesn't care very much because he has so many fans and so much money.

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A lot of fans hate LJ because he is great and he already buried a lot of teams, especially in the eastern conference. For me, he doesn't need to do anything because he is humble and respectable himself now. The problem is the haters, not Lebron.

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