Bad boys in NBA history

2/13/2018 9:32:49 AM
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For me, the bad boy in NBA was Dennis Rodman. Some people hated Dennis Rodman for doing dirty tactics but I had fun watching him in Chicago Bulls if he's playing on the other team I'm going to hate him but luckily he's on the right team. Even he's not the greatest basketball player he's proven himself to be the best defensive player and helped his team to win a championship. 

For you, who's the bad boy in NBA history?

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Indeed I agreed with you, there's so many bad boys that have played NBA. But I bet Biil Laimber. He's also hated by people because of he's tactics of playing. Although He's on the best team, He can't deny that he's a bad player.

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Who's the bad boys of NBA history? Actually there are a lot of them but for me the players that stands out the most aggresive and physical player in the NBA, was Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Dennis Rodman and all the members of 87,88,89 Detriot Piston Roster. I mean, the 87,88,89 Detroit Piston roster destroy Micheal Jordan twice during his two NBA finals appearance when he was still a rookie. I still remember how they gave Micheal Jordan a hard time during that game. I believe no team of today can beat the 80's Detroit Piston roster.

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