Worst Injuries in NBA

2/13/2018 11:01:59 AM
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Injuries are the worst nightmare of all basketball players. You can't really say that you're always safe when they're playing inside the court. As much as possible they don't want to get injured because it can be the end of their career but accidents happen all the time.

Here are the worst injuries in NBA.

I feel sorry for those players who had injuries I can't even look at them. Paul Gorge and Gordon Hayward had broken legs.

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Ouch. I felt they scream even though I'm not them. Your'e right, even they are proffesionals they also suffer inujuries and some of them are worst. I've watch all of the NBA games and sometimes I see an incidents of injuries. Espcially on the all stars of NBA. Here's what i've seen : 



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Injury wise, no other player in the NBA history had suffered so much injuries to the point that he have to end his successful young carrier, than Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson really never had the chance to prove himself, his injuries has shorten his NBA career. He would have been a great player if not for those injuries he suffered.

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