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3/6/2018 8:42:05 AM
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DCSportsFan will continue to work with CruitCast this spring as we bring live streaming of the following lacrosse games. The first game will be Georgetown Prep vs. St. John's on Wednesday. The complete schedule is below. If you are interested in having your team's games streamed, contact 

3-7 Prep St Johns Lacrosse 4:30 PM
3-9 Landon St Pauls Lacrosse 4:30 PM
3-16 Prep Gonzaga Lacrosse 6:00 PM
3-20 Prep Spalding Lacrosse 4:30 PM
3-22 Prep Fordham Lacrosse 4:00 PM
3-23 Landon Brunswick Lacrosse TBD
3-29 Prep Gilman Lacrosse 4:30 PM
4-4 Prep Cardinal Gibbons Lacrosse 4:30 PM
4-6 Landon Bullis Lacrosse 4:30 PM
4-8 Prep Loyola Chicago Lacrosse 11:00 AM
4-20 Prep Landon Lacrosse 6:00 PM
4-25 Prep Robinson Lacrosse 7:15 PM
4-27 Landon Episcopal Lacrosse 4:30 PM
5-1 Prep Bullis Lacrosse 4:30 PM
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