New DC at SJC??

4/14/2018 9:22:58 AM
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Word on the street is that after a miscommunication with St. Frances in Baltimore, former DeMatha DC will now be coaching at St. John’s. 

Anyone else hearing this?

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The rich get richer.

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Deno is at SJC now????

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4/14/2018 11:43:45 AM Report Abuse much for a "mutual decision to part ways"...guess one coordinator wasn't enough of a scapegoat for Brooks...nice loyalty Stags...lmao.

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Scapegoat for what? Loyalty? What are you talking about? 

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Worst season in years and both coordinators are run off? And after close to 40 years as a player and a coach at DMatha and he gets fired? I think it's obvious what I'm talking about. 

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Both coordinators were run off? Huh, that’s strange. I thought the OC was still on staff in another position, no? Deno was fired? That’s news to me. The only thing that’s obvious is you don’t know much. But yea, keep running your mouth after 1 championship in several decades. It’s a great look for you. 

Back to the real world for a bit...News coming out of south Florida is DeMatha vs St. Thomas Aquinas on ESPN down there to start the season. 

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You can spin it however you want but I know this...after a 6-5 season in which the Stags lost four league games (two to SJC) there are new coordinators at DeMatha...and Deno (who has spent close to 40 years at DeMatha as a player and coach) is now on the staff at SJC. Was he fired or did choose that path? You do the math, you're a smart guy.

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So you decided to take the Real Housewives route with this one and let your imagination run wild. Great plan. 

I don’t need to do any math. I know exactly what happened. Nice try with the over dramatics, but you’re way off. 

Brooks is the most decorated head coach in this area by a landslide. You don’t get there at 33 years old by placing blame. Everyone at DM knows what happened last season. It had nothing to do with either coordinator.

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Then why was Deno told by Brooks that he was no longer going to be the d-coordinator? And why is Deno now officially coaching at St. John's?

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Thanks for confirming the fact that you have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about. 

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Please explain...where am I mistaken? Or is it super-secret for DeMatha eyes only info? 

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Football Championships since 1960.  Here you go silverbullet, here are the results over "several decades" for Metro Confrence and WCAC.

I admit 1 in the last 3 decades is nothing to brag abount and hopeful that will change going forward. Have a nice day, bless your heart!

Archbishop Carroll13
St. John's10
Good Counsel4
Bishop McNamara3
Paul VI1


  • 1960-Carroll
  • 1961-St. John's
  • 1962-St. John's
  • 1963-St. John's
  • 1964-St. John's
  • 1965-Carroll
  • 1966-DeMatha
  • 1967-DeMatha
  • 1968-St. John's
  • 1969-Carroll
  • 1970-Carroll
  • 1971-Carroll
  • 1972-St. John's
  • 1973-Bishop McNamara
  • 1974-St. John's
  • 1975-St. John's
  • 1976-St. John's
  • 1977-Carroll
  • 1978-Carroll
  • 1979-Carroll
  • 1980-Carroll
  • 1981-Bishop McNamara
  • 1982-DeMatha
  • 1983-Carroll
  • 1984-DeMatha
  • 1985-Carroll
  • 1986-DeMatha
  • 1987-Carroll
  • 1988-Carroll
  • 1989-St. John's
  • 1990-Bishop McNamara
  • 1991-DeMatha
  • 1992-DeMatha
  • 1993-DeMatha
  • 1994-DeMatha
  • 1995-DeMatha
  • 1996-Gonzaga
  • 1997-Gonzaga
  • 1998-DeMatha
  • 1999-Paul VI
  • 2000-DeMatha
  • 2001-DeMatha
  • 2002-Gonzaga
  • 2003-DeMatha
  • 2004-DeMatha
  • 2005-DeMatha
  • 2006-DeMatha
  • 2007-DeMatha
  • 2008-DeMatha
  • 2009-Good Counsel
  • 2010-Good Counsel
  • 2011-Good Counsel
  • 2012-Good Counsel
  • 2013-DeMatha
  • 2014-DeMatha
  • 2015-DeMatha
  • 2016-DeMatha
  • 2017-St. John’s
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So what about the current DC - the former coach who was there with Joe Patterson - I think Gallospe  

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He is still the d-coordinator. Deno is the linebackers coach.

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4/17/2018 1:17:07 AM Report Abuse

Big Joe Cas came in as OC until they found a home for little Joe Patterson.  Expect the promotion to DC next year.

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4/21/2018 9:43:02 AM Report Abuse

Coach "G" the DC at SJC is being groom to be the next head football coach

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4/21/2018 11:08:36 AM Report Abuse

Is that what they told Coach G?  NY Joe and wannabe Jerry Jones AD will not have it.  They disrespected Coach G by bringing in DM DC to coach LBs - yeah right, how long will that last.   I can’t count the 2016, 2017, or 2018 season as a NY Joe team.  

Joe P, Coach G, and Coach Hall (now at SFA) recruited those kids for the past 4 years &  NY Joe benefited.  Remember Joe Gruden won with Tony Dungee players.  But, all dirt finds a way to be cleaned out - Dungee won a SB, Joe P is coaching in sunny Florida, Coach Hall recruits for a National top Rank team and #1 in DMV and Coach G will have his day - but not at SJC as long as NY Joe and fake Jerry Jones are there. 

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