9/3/2018 8:25:11 AM
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About a week late, but just saw this. LaxPower was a great site. Hate to see it go. Seems like a lot of the records/standings could remain pretty easily. Maybe not.

After more than 20 years of service to the lacrosse community, we are sorry to say LaxPower is hanging up its pads and stowing its stick on Aug 28, 2018. Nothing great can last forever, and we’d like to thank the entire community for its support.

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That is too bad.  I would check it religously during the season.  No frills, great score updates for every state, and the forums were always interesting to read (underutilized by D.C. area fan base, but very active in Baltimore).

I'm assuming they couldn't make it financially viable with their traditional model?

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I'm not really sure what their costs would have been considering they didn't really produce any original content. Maybe they had a big staff to update scores and monitor the site, but I'm not sure how expensive that could be. 

Too bad really. I don't know why someone wouldn't take it over. A least a company with lacrosse interests. 

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