Week 4 Football Power Rankings

9/18/2018 7:30:24 AM
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DCSportsFan Football Power Rankings (Week 4)

1. Gonzaga (4-0)

2. St. John’s (3-0)

3. Friendship Collegiate (3-0)

4. Bullis (2-0)

5. DeMatha (2-1)

6. Good Counsel (2-1)

7. Wilson (3-1)

8. Landon (3-0)

9. Flint Hill (2-0)

10. St. Mary’s Ryken (3-1)

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9/20/2018 1:42:54 PM Report Abuse

I understand that they are undefeated, but do we really think that Bullis would beat Dematha?

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9/20/2018 7:36:40 PM Report Abuse

Very small chance Bullis could beat DM, but if DM defeats FCA they jump to 3, if not Bullis has a claim to stay ahead of them imo.

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9/23/2018 12:48:27 PM Report Abuse

If you don’t think they could beat DM then why are they ranked higher?

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