Week 5 Football Power Rankings

9/27/2018 7:54:15 AM
9/27/2018 7:54:15 AM Report Abuse

DCSportsFan Football Power Rankings (Week 5)

1. St. John’s (4-0)

2. Gonzaga (5-0)

3. Bullis (3-0)

4. DeMatha (3-1)

5. Good Counsel (3-1)

6. Friendship Collegiate (3-1)

7. Flint Hill (3-0)

8. Landon (4-0)

9. Wilson (3-1)

10. St. Mary’s Ryken (4-1)

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9/27/2018 7:48:10 PM Report Abuse

Stop it! LOL  I'm not a Dematha fan in any fashion...Good Counsel either....they both would score each time they had the ball vs Bullis...running clock!

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9/29/2018 8:20:40 AM Report Abuse

ROFLMAO ,,,, Who makes these rankings?  No way Bullis is higher then DM or GC.  Bullis has some talent, yes ,,,, BUT ,,,,, can NOT play with GC or DM.  Hilarious. 

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9/28/2018 6:57:36 AM Report Abuse

Bullis has real talent. Watch the Ohio State/PSU game this weekend. The starting QB for OSU went to Bullis.


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9/28/2018 1:01:57 PM Report Abuse

So did two of the starters on PSU. Holland and Brown.

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9/29/2018 8:56:54 AM Report Abuse

So must Ryken...who lost to Mt St Joseph 49-7...who lost to Good Counsel 58-6...lmao.

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