Dematha @ Good Counsel

10/18/2018 4:35:50 PM
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At this point in the season we have DeMatha @ 1-0 in conference and GC 1-1 in conference.  The winner of this futher shapes the WCAC playoff picture.  Both teams are run heavy!  This could be a very good game tomorrow night....  I give Good Counsel's Offensive line the edge over Dematha's Defensive line.  Is Dematha O-Line healthy enough to make running lanes for the backs?  Is GC's QB healthy enough to make an impact?

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I think this is DeMatha's game to lose

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Shape it how? This is a 4 time league ( not sure why MAC is in it ). All 4 teams make the playoffs. Great teams. Terrible league/concept.

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DeMatha wins 32-2. GC got a safety after the DM punter mishandled a snap in the end zone. 

GC played without QB Kam Snell.  

Backup QB threw 2 passes in the first half, both were picked off - one a pick 6.

The Stags roll into next weeks matchup with SJC. 


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I didn't get a chance to see/hear/follow the game. Would the outcome have been much different if the QB for GC was starting? Or was DeMatha just dominating on both sides of the ball? 

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