Gonzaga wins — 46-43

11/18/2018 9:08:17 PM
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That was maybe the greatest game I’ve ever seen. Gonzaga wins 46-43 on a Hail Mary as time expires!! 

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Great game and great season

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The greatest game ever. Wish it was a different outcome, but unbeleivable to watch in person. 

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Wow, congrats to Gonzaga on an amazing season and great championship win. 

This certainly gives WCAC football a strong first season after reorganization.  The league was the most competitive that it has ever been.  The two tiers worked.  SJC was nationally ranked and in control of their own destiny for a national title.  Gonzaga beat SJC after losing to them just a week before and there is no doubt that they are champions in 2018.

Caleb Williams is the man right now.  I think it is obvious that the WCAC is sending more talent to professional ranks than ever before but these are still the games that are the most fun to watch.  I'm glad that First Amendment Sports was allowed to stream it, proving that it didn't detract from ticket sales.  The stands of Catholic University looked full to me and I had several friends there tell me it was a great atmosphere via Twitter.  The high level of athleticism deserves to be on display which is why the highlights on Sports Center, Bar Stool, and the like still made me smile.

USA Today should rank Gonzaga immediately.  

AND at least four teams in the preseason top 25 in 2019.

My Stags still had a great season.  Good Counsel had a great season, they were a few plays away from breaking out.  It goes without saying that SJC had a great run this season because they were the darlings, but oh well.  Heck, Ryken had a great season.  Has there ever been a time when we could say that about so many teams, in the same year?

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