by: NO ASPORTSFAN   6/5/2011

The following selections were made by the coaches in the Cardinal District.


First Team

Catcher: Robert Kelley, Senior, Hylton

First base: Tyler Thomas, Junior, Woodbridge

Second Base: Kevin Tatum, Senior, Woodbridge

Shortstop: Josh Swirchak, Senior, Osbourn Park

Third Base: Andre Scrubb, Sophomore, Hylton

Outfield: Brian Baquer, Junior, Osbourn Park

Outfield: Logan Farrar, Sophomore, Woodbridge

Outfield: Zak Markle, Senior, Forest Park

Utility: J.R. Gregory, Junior, Gar-Field

DH: Danny Metz, senior, Osbourn Park

Pitcher: Tyler Thomas, Junior, Woodbridge

Pitcher: Scott Halsey, Junior, Osbourn Park


Second Team

Catcher: Jake DiMeglio, Senior, Forest Park

First Base: Matt Jack, Senior, Potomac

Second Base: Kyle Vierra, Senior, Potomac

Shortstop: Chris Fisher, Senior, Hylton

Third Base: J.R. Gregory, Junior, Gar-Field

Outfield: Chris Coletti, Junior, Forest Park

Outfield: Joe King, Sophomore, Hylton

Outfield: Ronnie Thomas, Senior, Osbourn Park

Utility: Bryant Pybus, Senior, Forest Park

DH: J.R. Gregory, Junior, Gar-Field

Pitcher: Alec Bettinger, Sophomore, Hylton

Pitcher: Justin Petock, Junior, Woodbridge


Player of the Year: Kevin Tatum, Woodbridge

Coach of the Year: Rod Hodgson, Osbourn Park