by: Stanford Brown   1/18/2012

If the NBA has been known for one thing over the past 10 years or so, it's been that players are overpaid. There is no reason players like Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis or Rudy Gay should be making over 15 million per year. In fact, they shouldn't be making over $5 million per year. Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis should be paying the NBA to play.

Although a new deal was reached between the owners and players that will ultimately cut down on the ridiculous contracts, there are still a plethora of players in the NBA making way too much money. Some are included among the Top 10 NBA Salaries for 2011-2012, and some are not. For the time being, we thought we would break down the league's highest paid players before these contracts start to expire.

Some contracts are legit. Others are not. Regardless, here they are

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