by: Karla Sutton   3/2/2012

Jarret Johnson, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens who played under Rex Ryan for six seasons, is now a free agent and the Jets are showing interest.  If there is one thing Ryan knows its defense. Ryan brought in linebacker Bart Scott from Baltimore three years ago and that turned out to be a great payoff. And now Ryan is right on track with his next pick. There are others however, showing interest in Johnson so this signing has the possibility of not going in the direction of Ryan’s favor. The Ravens may want to re-sign Johnson and the new Colts head coach, Chuck Pagano, is also biting. In the end it will be Johnson’s decision.

But what reason does Johnson have not to go with Rex and the Jets? None. Johnson, having already worked with Ryan for multiple years, gives the Jets the upper-hand. Johnson is familiar with Ryan and knows how he works. He understands the goals he has for defense and would make a great fit for the team.

It’s no secret that Ryan has an eye for talent and he’s got his eye fixed on Jarret Johnson. Johnson is sick of being overlooked as a player and in NY he will be able to highlight his skills and show the football world that he is one to watch. Ryan will make sure of that.

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