by: Karla Sutton   3/8/2012

Will Peyton Manning become a New York Jet? This is the buzz in the NFL and I’m not sure why.

As a free agent, Manning could potentially go to any team in the NFL. So why is everyone so focused on the New York Jets? Why not the Miami Dolphins? They need Manning more than we do. Sure Mark Sanchez isn’t the best quarterback in the league and any team without a top quarterback would be lucky to get Manning, but I don’t see Rex Ryan running out on Sanchez. As much as Ryan is a fan of Manning, his loyalty is with Sanchez. Everyone knows that Ryan and Sanchez have established a strong bond over the past few years, a bond that I don’t think Ryan is willing to break.

Ryan loves to mold his players. He thrives off knowing that he created this “superstar.” Ryan wants to coach a team that comes from behind and wins, a team that no one expects to do well and then lead them to the super bowl. The Jets wouldn’t be that team with Manning.

If Manning was a Jet, people would automatically think that the Jets were going to win every game. Where’s the fun in that? Isn’t it more fun to watch a team with a losing record do the impossible? The Jets play better when everyone doubts them, not when everyone expects them to win. It’s the truth; they do better as the underdog. I’m not saying I don’t want the Jets to win. I’ve been a Jet fan my entire life, watching games in my father’s arms as a baby. I’ve stuck with the Jets through it all. I just want the Jets to be the Jets. I want them to be the team that everyone loves to hate, the team that everyone’s always talking about and has to watch because you never know what going to happen next. They are unpredictable and that’s what makes them them.

There is a lot of talk of Peyton Manning coming to the Jets but there’s a very good chance that it won’t happen. It’s been said that the Jets don’t believe in Sanchez. Well they better start believing in him. I believe in Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan and I don’t think the Jets need Peyton Manning. Let him go to another team, let the Jets be the Jets, and the Jets will play against him and win. That’s the New York Jets that I want to see.

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