by: Joe Enea   4/24/2012

Manhasset (3-5-1) vs. Port Washington (4-5) is always an interesting game. They played on Saturday, April 21st. The location, Brooklyn Cyclone Minor league field. These two high school teams experienced feelings like minor league players.

It was Prom night in Manhasset and it allowed some Juniors, Sophomores, and even one Freshman to showcase their talents. It was a windy day, which may have helped the Sophomore right hander, Matt Stratford. He pitched well through his three innings of work and only gave up one run. Eventually coach Corbo had to make pitching change, bringing Greg Nodaros for relief. Nodaros  unfortunately struggled and allowed two runs to tie the game. After Nodaros , coach looked to Tim Curtis, a young freshman. Although Curtis pitched well he eventually let up the winning run.

Manhasset played solid defense to accompany the good pitching, only making two errors and one spectacular play by Lukas Pracher.

Tyson Rodriguez provided most of Manhasset’s offense going 4 for 4 and 1 RBI. In the 4th inning Charlie Mack came to the plate with one out and runners on 2nd and 3rd and came up with a big hit for Manhasset as they took the lead, 2-1. Unfortunately, the bats never came alive after that.

While pitching kept them in the game, Manhasset ended up losing 4-3 as the weather conditions proved difficult and the hitting suffered. Although Manhasset lost, it was surely a great experience for all.


“The integrity of the game is everything.” ~Former MLB Commissioner

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