by: Karla Sutton   4/25/2012

The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers are tied with one game each and tonight will end the three game series. Will the Yankees be able to recover after losing last night and ending their six-game road winning streak?

Of course the enthusiasts go back to last year’s stats to make their predictions on tonight’s game. They know that last season the Yankees won seven of their nine games with the Rangers. But let’s go back even further.  Since 2002, the Yankees are the only American League team with a winning record against Texas in Arlington, going 26-15. Tonight’s game, of course is in Arlington, Texas.

The Yankees have Phil Hughes starting tonight. Hughes also has a past with the Rangers in Arlington. Hughes has never lost to the Texas Rangers in the regular season and has never allowed a run by them in 15-1/3 innings. On top of that, three of his starts against the Rangers have happened in Arlington. Some may say he is comfortable there and this could be an advantage for the Yankees tonight.

Of course no matter what the historical stats say, nothing changes the fact that the Texas Rangers currently hold the best record in the American League. But this isn’t about the present standings, this is about years of statistics, and the facts show that the Yankees will win tonight. Let’s go Yanks.

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