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Wa Po All Met Football

12/18/2019 12:21:42 PM
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12/18/2019 12:21:42 PM

   Tre Williams of SJC, a "blue chip" lineman recruit, is going to defending National Champion Clemson to play football next year according to the WaPo.   Congrats, and it brings up a couple of things on first glance:   Tre made Honorable Mention All-Met, certainly noteworthy, but Clemson is recruiting Honorable Mention All Mets?   If an honorable Mention All Met is "blue chip", what color are the First and second Team All Mets?     

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12/19/2019 1:14:27 PM

24/7 has him as the #8 DT in the country and a top 100 overall prospect. 

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1/7/2020 1:30:21 PM

Two things to consider:

1. Due to their recent success, Clemson is able to recruit 4 and 5 stars.  But before that, they had demonstrated a solid history of recruiting lower rated kids and developing them into top tier.

2. No disrespect to the Post's process and people that select the All-Met teams, but I would place more credence in Clemson's ability to identify the best kids vs. the Post.

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12/19/2019 10:04:29 AM

Some of these guys should learn from "Blue Chip" recruits like Richie Petitbon who went to Alabama and never saw the field.

Congrats to Rakim Jarrett for changing from LSU to Maryland. Jarrett is a legit NFL player one day and he'll start for 3 years at Maryland.